Ahad, 26 Oktober 2014

Missing Both of Them Madly

Its my brithday soon. 36 years already i was live in this beautiful world. Lots of sweet and bitter, smiles and tears that i had in my life. For all of that.. i want to be always a grateful person. Even i do always crying inside.. behind the wall of my life. I want to change all my tears to become a strenght for me. To be a super strong person within this left period of life. For My late Mum and My late Dad... i always thankful for you both for giving me your true love. A love that i never see it after you both back to The Almighty. I always pray .. may Allah always giving rahmah and maghfirah for you both. On my birthday night..  i am more missing you both. With a deep missing... its endless untill we meet again insya Allah. Al Faatihah for both of my parents.